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Ben Pines explores an inner life of thought and feeling in his meditative paintings and drawings. His work includes portrait, landscape, and figure paintings in oil and acrylic, and drawings in charcoal, pastel, and pencil.

Pines studied comparative religion, art history, and philosophy at Tufts University, and painting, electronic music, and digital art at the Boston Museum School of Art. He received a BFA in Painting and a BA with honors in 1991. Six years later, he returned to his native Philadelphia to advance his study of painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where he received a Certificate in Painting in 2002. In 2008, Pines moved to Bloomington, Indiana, to attend graduate school at Indiana University, and received his MFA in Painting in 2010. Today, he lives and works in Bloomington, offering original artwork, commissioned work, and private art lessons. His paintings and drawings are in collections across the country.