There comes a time in your life that you start craving quiet, even if you don’t fully admit it. You see a positive spiritual YouTube video, and it is really convincing and healthy. It talks about the malignancy of our time. How to be more accepting and positive. “Why don’t I simply think positively, let … Read more

Stop watching the screen

As parents, it’s easy for us to know why TV, social media and other screen activities are bad for our kids. I think it’s just as devastating for ourselves. I’ve been watching TV since I was a kid. How can you assess the damage done from all those years? I can find research and studies … Read more

Get moments understood through riddles

#philosophy #self-presence #awareness #freedom #emotion To find order in your life, most likely you would resort to perfecting your personhood. Making sure you are not making a mistake and acting “wrong”. Meditation is an activity that allows you to connect with the moment and release from your constraints. By doing meditation – the practitioner frees … Read more