Innocent breakfast

In her story, Yehudit Hendel shows how a secret that is revealed during a so called “innocent” breakfast among friends has the power to poison a widow. The story is constructed as a mystery, where the readers need to constantly understand the undertones, what is not being said. In this way, Hendel managed to speak … Read more

When things fall apart – review

Can a short text have a meaningful impact on your life? And if so, why aren’t we reading more texts like that? Writing is a technical procedure, but it also holds a spiritual side. For a long time, I have contemplated about how I want to write, and more specifically how I want to write … Read more

How to outreach

Content creation is enough to fill your entire calendar. In order to properly outreach, make connections and possibly distribute the content, you have to think differently about the interactions you’re having and the people you try to connect to. Interviewing people on your podcast An easy fix is just have a podcast and use that … Read more

Find things to write about

There are more than 82 things to write about. There are actually more than a million things to write about. The other day I met an acquaintance, and he asked me how I thought about the posts I wrote on Linkedin. Immediately I knew he was expecting the generic answer. Something like: I have a … Read more

Jordan Peterson’s Essay Writing Guide

Jordan Peterson wrote an essay writing guide that’s pretty good. There’s a good point Peterson makes right off the bat in his guide. Student write essays only because they are required to. Jordan believes there is an innate reason students need to want to write an essay, and that regarding it as a chore is … Read more

How to Choose the Right Marketing Channel: YouTube Example

Do you know what’s the second most popular search engine after Google? If you answered YouTube, you’re wrong. 🙂 It’s actually Google Images, by a large difference. However, I still decided to choose YouTube as the marketing channel for our business. I’m delivering a presentation about this to the company tomorrow, as I mentioned yesterday. … Read more

How to Present a Marketing Campaign

I was told I was going to present the marketing campaign for the YouTube series we created. Creating a presentation is not a linear process, at least for me it’s not. While you are developing the project, you really don’t work in a linear way. You come up with the idea for the project, then … Read more

Dealing with the fear of making videos

I am not making videos. This is a fact. Videos could potentially help grow my channel, so logically, there is no reason not to try them. I don’t really feel there is pure fear involved here. If we don’t do something, it is rarely out of pure fear. I don’t sky jump because of raw … Read more