The force of consciousness and Charisma

I had a question that puzzled me.

“How come some people seem to emanate power, and what is the thing behind this power?”

I came across this question when I remembered Audrey Plaza, and couldn’t figure out why people were drawn to her so much.

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Look at her…

I mean, her sheer gaze seem to hold a hypnotizing quality.

I also noticed my son having a similar reaction to the actress playing Wednesday Jenna Ortega:

Wednesday" Cast Ages

A seemingly similar hypnotizing quality right?

I recently dated a girl who’s gaze also mesmerized me.

So like any person nowadays who faces a spiritual question I went to Youtube for the answer, and searched for “Conciousness charisma”.

I discovered a video by spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle which seemed to answer this question quite well. I bring you the summarization of that talk.



Charisma seems to be a phenomenon that we all recognize, but unlike embodying stillness, it doesn’t seem to be intrinsically good or bad.

We can say that Nelson Mandela has charisma but Adolf Hitler must also have had charisma.

What is the energy or the force behind charisma?


some people seem to have some kind of



as personal power. 

Hitler probably had it.

but other people of the opposite polarity also had it.

Angela Merkel does not have it

and yet Angela Merkel is better for Germany than Hitler, much better.

it seems that some people at some point they access something a source of power.

I believe charisma is a manifestation of what is traditionally called Chi  or shakti or whatever. it’s an inner power that comes and emanates through the person.

Chi as the bridge between the unmanifested and form

You may have recalled that I wrote somewhere that chi  is the bridge between the unmanifested and the world of form. so the unmanifested is totally beyond form.

And then out of the unmanifested, form is born. and forms also returned into the unmanifested but as i’m talking about something that is totally beyond words and becomes distorted of course and reduced the moment you talk about it but let’s do it anyway.

so there’s the unmanifested and then the energy comes out.

i would say that’s what the beginning of the creative process. the energy that is the creative energy that then creates form in this world.

mental formation first and physical formations and there we have the energy in it half form-like state and half unformed state, which is chi.

in some humans they have access to the chi and they’re not just manifestations of it they can connect with it at an earlier stage. 

for example Nelson Mandela if he has charisma it probably happened because he was in prison for many many years which probably forced him to go within very deeply because there was nowhere to go without.

and then he there was a source of power that he contacted which is chi power and that power, he manifested that when he left prison.

that power is beyond good and evil.

there are spiritual teachers who have it very strongly some of them

Connection to chi does not guarantee freedom of ego

but just to be connected to chi is not a guarantee that you’re free of ego

it’s only when you go deeper than chi and touch the unmanifested and realize that who you essentially are is beyond anything that has form and chi is already moving into the world of form.

that is the only place where the ego dissolves

there are people who are powerful transmitters of chi and still have a huge ego

there are spiritual teachers where people go to them and they say oh i can feel his energy so and they get addicted to the energy.

it may well be that the teacher is free of ego but there’s no guarantee that he is.

and in some cases it turns out that there’s a huge ego in fact the ego can become energized and magnified by.

somebody who touches that halfway power in him or her it can magnify the ego and make it very and then you become a very powerful.

Genghis Khan or Hitler or i don’t know Stalin maybe he also had it

who knows

So grrrrrr

and everybody listens to you when you speak and you project this energy and you can you influence people and have power over people and you love it you love the power you have over people but in the end it leads to your destruction.

it’s the the genie that comes out of the bottle.


but in the end you encounter disaster if you magnify the ego. it always the end result is always magnified disaster.

you can’t have a good outcome if whatever an amplified ego produces will create disaster sooner or later.

so that’s how Hitler and Stalin and all those people and it all ended in disaster.

some have it some don’t. those who are at the deepest level those who embody the spaciousness also have an emanation that sometimes is not detected as easily by  other humans. you need to be attuned to it to feel it if chi can be a very raw energy there are there are people who can project chi through their hands they can light a fire with their hands you just project the energy out to your hands are you free of ego who knows maybe not maybe.

red flame


Getting attached to chi

your ego loves being able to do that and you build up a big ego or maybe you are free we don’t know.

but that in itself is not spiritual attainment it’s a great power but it’s the spiritual only comes in as you go deeper with so that you realize who you are instead of identifying with an energy stream of chi.

and think that that becomes part of our sense of chi which would be a magnified ego.

so if energy moves through you there is a famous word in  cities in indian spirituality

people who go very deep within and touch and access the transcendent dimension sometimes they manifest what is in conventional language called supernatural powers. certain things happen around them as the strangest things and these in india are called cities they are supernatural powers that are a byproduct of deep spiritual realization.

and all the great teachers will tell you that do not pay too much attention to the cities the powers that arise as by-products of the deepest realization. when they’re there it’s fine they are there you can acknowledge it, welcome it.

if you get attached to them or identify with them it will lead you back into ego and the same thing the teacher will tell his followers don’t get too attached if you observe certain powers arising that’s ultimately not it it’s a by-product no more it is not to develop certain powers is not the aim of spiritual awakening it’s a byproduct sometimes of spiritual awakening.

if i appear to you in two places simultaneously if i’m here and then somebody else sees me in los angeles at the same time don’t pay any attention to that